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Discover WiFi solutions that match the pace of your business, providing secure, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective wireless networking options that can create the ideal wireless environment for your business.
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Reliable business WiFi

UK #1 commercial WiFi solutions for businesses and offices

Don’t let a weak WiFi connection hinder your business’s productivity and potential growth. With our reliable commercial WiFi services, you can provide your employees with the strong connectivity they need to stay connected and efficient. In addition, offering clients and visitors a secure guest wireless network is essential for maintaining a professional image and enhancing their experience with your business.

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Work from anywhere

Guaranteed WiFi coverage

We offer a 100% coverage guarantee, regardless of your building’s thickness or shape. Our advanced WiFi network guarantees fast and stable coverage anywhere on your premises for all your devices, ensuring you can work seamlessly without poor signal interruptions.

Fastest speeds guaranteed

Fastest speeds across premises

Running business applications like VoIP, video, or audio for video conferencing requires reliable and ultra-fast wifi connectivity. Our business wifi solutions prioritise and guarantee bandwidth to ensure these applications run effectively, giving you the confidence to conduct business seamlessly.
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100% secured WiFi

Protect your data and devices

Our built-in DNS protection is your first line of defence, and identity-based access control ensures the right policies are automatically enforced. Our guest-access firewall provides secure, internet-only guest Wi-Fi to ensure sensitive business data remains untouchable.

WiFi health check

WiFi surveys for businesses

To ensure your network is optimised for your business needs, we offer various types of WiFi site surveys. These surveys include diagnosing existing network issues, inspecting and testing infrastructure, analysing coverage and designing your WiFi network from the ground up.

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Health check WiFi site survey

Our engineers conduct a health check and fault-finding wireless survey for sites with already-installed wireless networks. This survey type helps identify specific issues like slow video calls or voice-over wifi (VoWiFi), dead spots, or throughput issues. Our engineers will visit your site to check your wireless network’s functionality and fault-find any issues.

Onsite design WiFi site survey

Our engineers conduct a pre-deployment wireless survey to ensure your wireless network meets your site’s specific requirements. They will visit your site and use an access point-on-a-stick survey to accurately measure wireless coverage area, signal strengths, and potential interference. This detailed survey lets us provide a WiFi network that meets your needs.

WiFi network optimisation

Our engineers offer equipment advice to ensure high-performing connectivity. We have vast experience working with Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Extreme Networks, Cambium and many other equipment providers. We specialise in working with latency-sensitive applications and provide consultancy on prioritisation to enhance your WiFi network.

WiFi for all industries

Business WiFi opportunities

A stable and fast commercial WiFi connection has become essential for modern businesses, regardless of size or industry. Whether you have a small office or a corporate facility, reliable WiFi is vital to keep your operations running smoothly. We can provide bespoke WiFi solutions to meet various wireless requirements.
We offer WiFi solutions to help retail businesses enhance customer engagement and experience. Our WiFi networks can provide real-time analytics and insights into customer behaviour, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions.
Our WiFi solutions enable efficient inventory management, order tracking, and other critical warehouse functions. We can also provide WiFi coverage to outdoor areas such as loading docks and yards.
WiFi is a must-have for restaurants, bars, and pubs to attract and retain customers. We provide reliable and secure WiFi networks that enhance the overall dining and drinking experience.
In the healthcare sector, WiFi connectivity is essential for critical communications and biomedical devices. Interruptions can be life-threatening. That’s why healthcare providers require a “medical-grade” WLAN that’s reliable and high-performing. At our company, we offer advanced WiFi solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare providers. Trust us to provide uninterrupted connectivity and top-notch performance.
In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction is crucial. Our WiFi solutions ensure seamless connectivity for guests in rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, and other areas.
Education has gone digital, and WiFi is fundamental to modern classrooms. We offer reliable WiFi solutions to help schools and universities facilitate e-learning, research, and other academic activities.
Our WiFi networks can support large gatherings, such as conferences, exhibitions, and seminars, providing reliable internet access to attendees. Libraries can also benefit from our WiFi solutions to provide online resources and services to visitors.
Business WiFi benefits

Provide exceptional WiFi to your customers and employees

Don’t let poor WiFi connectivity hinder your business’s potential growth. Reliable wifi is now just as essential as electricity when we’re out and about. Your WiFi is no longer an add-on. It’s at the very core of your business, with tremendous commercial potential.
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Business WiFi services

Get connected, enhance productivity, and boost your signal range with our innovative business WiFi solutions. We guarantee fast and stable coverage and capacity for all your devices.

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Boost productivity

With our efficient WiFi solutions, you can share data internally, enjoy increased security, and utilise key business applications like software and video conferencing, all while maintaining high performance.

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Expert WiFi installers

We deliver outstanding installation solutions with a national network of trained engineers for your business WiFi. You can rely on our skilled team to keep your business without disrupting your WiFi connectivity.

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Guaranteed coverage

Our expert engineers design bespoke solutions that guarantee unrivalled WiFi performance in your building, ensuring 100% WiFi coverage and stable connections.

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WiFi surveys

Our team of expert engineers will assess your organisation's area, performing a WiFi survey to identify potential signal challenges and other features that may impact the design of your network.

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Excellent support

With UK-based support and personalised account management, we keep your business connected 24/7. You can speak to our technical team whenever it suits you.

5-star support services

Why choose us?

At Devereux Data, we have the experience and commitment to deliver the best-in-class WiFi solutions for your business. Our services include tailored WiFi site surveys, network design and optimisation, and comprehensive UK-based support.
100% coverage

We guarantee full coverage by overlapping signals on one WiFi network for all devices on your premises.

Fastest speeds

Don't let black spots slow you down. Choose our service and enjoy fast, reliable WiFi speeds everywhere on site.

Corporate networking

Our custom WiFi solutions deliver optimal workplace performance regardless of organisation size.

UK-based support

Our WiFi engineers are proficient in various wireless network systems and can support all your requirements.

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