Seamless school phone system

Your lessons can continue from any location

Students, teachers and administrators can all connect seamlessly in one secure, and simple to use, workspace.
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School phone without restrictions

Learn and grow together with Cora phone system

Cora VoIP phone system helps schools, colleges and universities to communicate and grow. We remove restrictions and improve your telephony so you can work from anywhere, with free calls securely hosted under one cloud. We explain all of the jargon and seamlessly transfer you to us, and our business continuity keeps your school running with support available 24/7.
Streamlined school telephony

Connect your entire community

Choose the best method for you — voice, video or instant messaging. Share your screen easily, allowing all other conference participants to see a mirror of everything you see on your device in real-time. Work together productively and efficiently with Cora to provide the best education possible.
Secure workspace for school

Keep your students and teachers safe

Modernise the traditional paper and pen sign-in book, and install a Visitor Entry System to ensure your students and staffs safety at all times. From contractors and visitors, to teachers and pupils, everyone can easily check in and off site, using barcoded ID cards and scanners. The simple reporting system, allows you to monitor who is in the building at any time.
Key benefits

Teach, share and collaborate

Any device, anywhere

Cora works on any device and reduces admin load without the hardware or IT overhead.

Scale in a few clicks

Add new users and even entire departments—right from our admin portal.

Connect outside of class

From remote students to on-campus faculty, connect your entire community in one place.

Cora for education

Build a connected campus for everyone

Young woman school teacher, online tutor standing at desk teaching remote class.

Cora for educators

Schedule meetings, collaborate with administrators and connect with students in a few simple clicks.

English teacher giving virtual lecture to students at home

Cora for students

Engage in virtual classrooms via high-definition video conferences, easily share files and chat.

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Cora for administrators

Take advantage of call routing features and constantly communicate using our mobile application.

Empower school communication

Future-ready school telephony

Cora school phone system allows educational institutions to communicate securely and effectively, ensuring everyone stays connected. The system can be easily accessed on any device, making it more convenient for students, staff, and faculty to stay connected, regardless of location or schedule.

Connect departments from anywhere

Connect and engage securely with students, staff, and faculty—no matter where they are or what device they’re on. Ideal as phone systems for schools, academies and other education establishments.

Remote learning experience

The educational journey no longer begins in the classroom. Using cloud-based communications, it unfolds across many diverse channels and touchpoints, facilitating learning anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Scale up from anywhere

Cora platform features all of the tools that you believe a modern phone system should have. Perfect for small, medium, and large schools because it is easy to use and it includes a lot of safety features as well.

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Access control systems for schools

An access control system for schools that utilises various recognition methods such as a smart card, PIN, or fingerprint. The system enhances school security and ensures that only authorised persons can access to restricted areas.

Smiling woman entering password or PIN code to unlock and access the security door at office

Lockdown Facility

Lockdown is the facility to secure the site through a single action by disabling access through selected doors. This includes disabling exit buttons and relocking doors held open by time zones.

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Absence Facility

Relieve staff from unwanted calls using Voicemail to administer absence. Absence Voicemails simply time and date stamps audio recordings for review when the busy part of the morning is over.

Smart integrations

Bring along your favourite apps

Our business phone system can seamlessly integrate with a range of CRM solutions, bringing together the functionality and features of your office telephone system and inserting it into the applications your business uses on a daily basis.
Powerful VoIP benefits

Why choose Cora?

Our comprehensive, full feature set Cora platform provides advanced call function capabilities to every business. All our calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. Get all the best features for your business telecoms at the best price.
Stay connected

Keep your team connected with a single platform for business communications, from any location and device.

Enhanced collaboration

Connect and collaborate through voice, video meetings, instant messaging and screen sharing.

Built for resilience

Designed with security in mind, Cora offers industry-leading resilience for power and connectivity.

The power of VoIP

The most versatile and secure solution for business telecoms, providing over 50 advanced call tools.

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