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Provide a personalised experience for all your customers, wherever in the world they are contacting your hotel or restaurant from.
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Best cloud-based phone system for modern hotels

To maximise the efficiency and productivity of your hotel, you need a flexible and modern phone system. This system plays a variety of roles in your hotel’s economy—from delivering outstanding guest experience to integrating with your CRM system, it’s important that you choose the best hotel phone system to suit your individual requirements.
Elevate guest satisfaction

Stellar guest service deployed your way

Our phone systems can benefit your business in a number of ways, from integrating with your existing CRM system to utilising vital data to deliver outstanding customer service. Improving your current hotel phone system will increase productivity, reducing the time-exhaustive resources of manual tasks, saving your hotel money in the long-term.
Simplify guest services

Smart auto-attendant

Ensure your customers are routed to the right department quickly with Cora smart auto-attendant. Whenever a customer calls, they will be greeted with an automated message to discover the reason for their call. Your customers will also enjoy a better experience when contacting your hospitality business, as their queries will be resolved much quicker.
Key benefits

Five-star hotel and hospitality phone system

Boost hotel efficiency

Cora phone system makes it much easier for guests and management to contact 100% of the hotel staff.

Automatic call recording

Professional call recording for quality assurance purposes with no additional equipment is required.

On-hold marketing

This feature will let you play marketing messages to your customers when they are placed on hold.

Cora for hospitality

Take your business to the next level

Cora for management

Streamline your workflow with Cora. Our automated calls help you provide exceptional guest service while improving staff productivity.

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Cora for receptionists

Improve your front desk team's productivity with Cora's advanced call management features and make handling high call volumes easy.

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Cora for administrators

Take advantage of call routing features and constantly communicate using our mobile application.

Transform guest services with advanced call tech

Better guest experiences matter

To meet guests’ changing needs, hotels are increasingly using technology to expand their offerings, reduce costs, and increase revenue. Cora features are integrated with handset and telephone user interfaces to streamline operations. The automated attendant, call recording, voicemail, and automatic call distribution help staff provide better guest services and increase productivity.
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Advanced call features

Your hotel can provide better guest services and increase productivity with call recording and automatic call distribution. Our advanced call features boost staff efficiency and elevate guest satisfaction.

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Enhanced connectivity

Cora delivers personalised greetings and content, such as welcome messages. Audio and video conferencing facilities allow connecting with colleagues worldwide.

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Staff mobility & accessibility

Cora phone system offers mobile and desktop apps, WiFi and DECT phones that allow your staff to be in contact with guests and management while they are on the move.

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Customer experience

Hotels can use the Cora phone system to provide guests and staff with the technology they need to connect on landlines, mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Cloud-based communications

Cora phone system allows hotels to sync platforms through unified communications, strengthening your customer service muscle through a wide range of intelligent features.

Full cordless phone coverage

Cora phone system allows you to contact your housekeeping or maintenance team while they're somewhere in the hotel-all thanks to Cora's full cordless phone coverage.

Smart integrations

Bring along your favourite apps

Our business phone system can seamlessly integrate with a range of CRM solutions, bringing together the functionality and features of your office telephone system and inserting it into the applications your business uses on a daily basis.
Powerful VoIP benefits

Why choose Cora?

Our comprehensive, full feature set Cora platform provides advanced call function capabilities to every business. All our calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. Get all the best features for your business telecoms at the best price.
Stay connected

Keep your team connected with a single platform for business communications, from any location and device.

Enhanced collaboration

Connect and collaborate through voice, video meetings, instant messaging and screen sharing.

Built for resilience

Designed with security in mind, Cora offers industry-leading resilience for power and connectivity.

The power of VoIP

The most versatile and secure solution for business telecoms, providing over 50 advanced call tools.

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