Find the best talent

Reliable phone system for recruiters

Our telephone system for recruitment agencies provides the tools you need to find the best talent. Stay connected and be flexible with Cora.
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Reduce staff turnover rates

Leading VoIP solution for recruitment & staffing agencies

The average turnover of staff in the recruitment sector is 43%. Improving staff satisfaction levels will improve your business’s staff retention rate. Cora phone system allows you to make and manage all recruitment and staffing-related calls. You can access the softphone app from any connected computer or mobile phone, so you can manage your calls anytime and anywhere.
Enhance your report

Fast & efficient recruitment

We understand the recruitment industry is fast-paced, so these advanced tools allow you to provide quick and efficient feedback. Our Contact Centre solution was built to enhance call management and reporting.
Improve your recruitment service

Smart integrations designed for recruitment

Enhance your team’s processes by connecting your telephone system for recruitment agencies with the software you use daily. You can click-to-dial from your CRM records, making getting in touch with your clients easier than ever. Your client and candidate records will be instantly updated after every incoming or outgoing phone call, saving you time and making your processes easier.
Key benefits

Boost recruitment efficiency

Mobile flexibility

Recruiters need to be accessible at all times, and this is made easier and simpler than ever with our mobile app.

Never miss a message

A recruiter's voicemail inbox can fill up quickly. Messages are sent to your email with clever text transcription.

HD video-conferencing

Conduct interviews with ease, from any location, with our high-definition voice and video conferencing tools.

Cora for recruitment

Streamline your processes

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Cora for managers

Our advanced tools help you provide quick and efficient feedback, enhance call management and reporting, and improve team management.

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Cora for recruiters

By optimizing your recruitment efficiency, you can attract and hire the best candidates, resulting in a thriving organization.

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Cora for administrators

Take advantage of call routing features and constantly communicate using our mobile application.

Identify growth opportunities

Build better customer & candidate experiences

To provide the best possible service, a recruitment company must communicate with clients and candidates. We provide business phone systems with call logging and voice recording features.
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Employee recognition

Cora phone system allows recruitment managers to recognise and reward high-performing employees, listen to calls and give feedback to developing employees, and even use the recordings for training purposes.

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Improve customer experience

When you have a recording system in place, the benefits are endless. Not only does it give you opportunities to identify areas for future growth and improvement, but it also allows you to share real-life examples with your team members.

Time-efficient interviews

Cora provides a quick way to optimise interviews and host them over the phone. With Cora video chat solution you don't have to meet in person at that exact time, saving you time and money. You'll be able to go through multiple interviews all from your desk.

Smart recruitment integrations

When you click on a candidate's name in the pop-up window when they call in, their contact details are automatically populated in your CRM system. This feature enables you to have a better rapport and remember more information they share over the phone.

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No call left behind

Every missed call to your business could be a potentially missed opportunity for your recruitment team. Cora missed call tracking allows you to keep a log of all calls that you miss. You can then return the call promptly with the touch of a button, with all the caller's details stored for future reference.

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Listen back to calls anytime

With Cora phone system for recruitment agencies, you can record and store calls, then listen back to them later. Listen for information that may have been missed or forgotten during an interview call. Cora helps you resolve client discrepancies with ease.

Smart integrations

Bring along your favourite apps

Our business phone system can seamlessly integrate with a range of CRM solutions, bringing together the functionality and features of your office telephone system and inserting it into the applications your business uses on a daily basis.
Powerful VoIP benefits

Why choose Cora?

Our comprehensive, full feature set Cora platform provides advanced call function capabilities to every business. All our calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. Get all the best features for your business telecoms at the best price.
Stay connected

Keep your team connected with a single platform for business communications, from any location and device.

Enhanced collaboration

Connect and collaborate through voice, video meetings, instant messaging and screen sharing.

Built for resilience

Designed with security in mind, Cora offers industry-leading resilience for power and connectivity.

The power of VoIP

The most versatile and secure solution for business telecoms, providing over 50 advanced call tools.

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